Snagit Mac Beta is a powerful new image capture tool

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Snagit Mac Beta is a powerful new image capture tool

Macby Jay Hathaway (RSS feed) Dec 16th 2009 at 4:09PM

Snagit is a flexible, powerful tool for capturing some or all of your screen, and it’s now available for OS X as a public beta. It docks on a screen edge, where you can either click to pop open the controls, or drag it anywhere as a window.

Snagit is extremely easy to use, thanks to a feature called “all-in-one capture.” By clicking one big red button, you can capture a selected area, a whole screen, or just one window. If you’re grabbing something with a vertical scrollbar, like a long webpage, you can use Snagit’s scrolling capture (which is also part of the all-in-one button) to get the whole thing.

Snagit doesn’t stop at capture, though: it also offers a lot of handy editing options. Word balloons, arrows and captions are easily added – the Mac version can even bend arrows, which is a neat feature that Snagit for Windows doesn’t have. Snagit also allows you to combine two images with a simple drag, which is something I wish my favorite Mac screencap app, Skitch, could do.

All in all, Snagit’s Mac beta is slick-looking and stacked with useful features.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this news!! This used to be one of my must have apps on Windows as my job requires it everyday. Now I am on Mac, and this would still be a must have!!