BitNami Makes Installing WordPress a Breeze

Installing and setting up WordPress(.org) to host your own blog isn’t really something difficult, especially WordPress’s handy guide does provide instructions that are clear enough for one to install it without much trouble (I was referring to the instructions given on their website and was able get it up and running the first time). However, it can still get a bit hideous to some people with all the software to install and things to configure. In case you don’t know, you’d need Apache, MySQL, and PHP to be installed and configured properly prior to the installation of WordPress(.org).

Luckily, folks from BitNami are keen enough to make this easy to use installer called “BitNami WordPress Stack” that gets all the dirty works done for you. Don’t you just love something like this? The installer is not only available for Windows, but also for Mac and Linux as well. And for your information, BitNami also offer installer for many other software such as Drupal, Joomla, MediaWiki……etc. If you happened to be thinking about setting up your own blog lately, be sure to check out BitNami.

[via SimpleHelp/BitNami]