Resize Your Bootcamp Partition Safely with CampTune

Apple allows you to install Windows on Macs with Bootcamp. It lets you run Windows smoothly  and drivers are provided to make the whole installation a breeze. But there’s been one major feature lacking in Bootcamp, as far as I’m concerned, ever since the availability of Bootcamp, which is the ability to allow users dynamically adjust the bootcamp partitition without touching anything on both the Mac and Windows partitions. Until now, introducing “CampTune“, which is just the thing to let you resize the bootcamp partition non-destructively!! What a handy application! The only down-side of it is that it is only free with the pre-release version. So get it now before it’s too late!!

p.s. Backing up your system is still highly recommended before “camptuning”…

[via Lifehacker]