Tools to Make You a Power Twitter User

A post from TechRepublic that listed 10 tools to help you not only stay connected and informed by twitter but they might also be able to help you by getting most out of it for your social networking. Below is a summary of this list:

1. Summize

A company that was recently acquired by twitter, and it’s now integrated as part of twitter service (, which can help you search a specific topic that is discussed on twitter

2. Tweetburner

Works similar as Snurl or TinyURL which can help you avoid hitting the 140 character limit when sharing long URLs, but this one provides a nice extra feature by giving you “personal statistics” to show the number of clicks that your links generated.

3. Twitter Mobile

As there’re various mobile clients of twitter such as TinyTwitter, or Twitterific. Let’s not forget the good old mobile version of twitter by going to with your browser on your mobile device.


A great tool that can help make a post to your twitter account and simultaneously post it to your other social networking services such as facebook, or LinkedIn. Huge time saver!

5. TwitPic

Often times you share your Flickr link and provide its updates through twitter and services like TinyURL or the aforementioned Tweetburner can sure come in handy when posting a long URL, but TwitPic offers you the similar function plus the ability to upload photos to your favorite photo sharing service like Flickr. Use this to upload photos then it automatically shortens the link for you and post it to your twitter account. Another time saver for you….

6. TweetAhead

A great tool that lets you do the automatic update to twitter at a time you know you won’t have access to a computer or that you just want to announce something at a specific time.

7. TweetStats

Cool analyzing tool and gives you statistics like number of posts, comparison of number of posts between different months, or what tools you use most often to twitter….etc

8. Twist

Works similarly to Summize, it allows you to see number of posts for big topics over the past weeks or months, plus the ability to search multiple terms at once by using the comma to separate each term and give you a comparison chart as a result

9. TwitterLocal

It allows you to find twitterers in your area by entering area code and it finds posts from twitterers within 1 mile to as far as 20 miles.

10. Twitterholic

It finds the top 100 twitterers who have the most followings and might help you to find some great people worth following.

You can find other tools suggested by other people at the bottom of the original post.

[ Via TechRepublc]