Tweak Your Ubuntu With "Ubuntu Tweak" 

Ubuntu, a derivative of Debian, has been one of the most popular Linux distributions for the past few years. I am an occasion Ubuntu user myself (I use Mac mostly) and I do appreciate its easy and simple to use user interface especially when it comes to installing software.

If you are like me and Ubuntu is your favorite Linux operating system, you sure don’t want to miss this application called “Ubuntu-tweak”.

It’s an application that’s absolutely painless to install. And it’s probably easiest and fastest way to get your freshly installed Ubuntu up and running with software you need and look that’s tweaked to make your friends envy.

To get it, head over to their download page and grab the Deb package and install it with the friendly Ubuntu Deb package installer, or you can get it from the command line by doing the following:
Modify your source list:
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
And put the two line into it:
Then update the source and install or upgrade Ubuntu Tweak:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak
Once you have it installed, run it from the "Application" menu:
As you can see, it can help you install a lot of popular software like amule, Avant Window Navigator, or Compiz fusion. It also provides you options to tweak your Gnome desktop with options that are normally hidden to you.

For more information, be fure to check out Ubuntu-tweak or grab a copy and try it for yourself.