Be More Productive With Your Social Media Life With Flock

Got couple of things I’d like to make a note of today, I think I’ll start off with “Flock”, a social media friendly browser, that’s designed to make your social media life more productive.
 If you are an active user of various social media services out there, such as Facebook, or twitter, you might already be using this social-specific browser. It’s a browser that’s built on top of the open source “Firefox” code and it’s nicely integrated with all these popular social media services as part of its user interface.
In summary, it allows you to manage multiple of your social networking service accounts, get updated, blog with its built-in blog tool, upload photos to service providers like Flickr, or Picasa, manage your RSS feeds and your online bookmarks. 
It is sure a must-have app to me and if you wanna get productive, be sure to check out Flock. It’s free download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

* Maybe I’ll write up a more detail review later once I get familiar with it 

[via Lifehacker