Multiple Google accounts, login with one browser, simultaneously

I am a big fan of various services provided by Google and I do own multiple Google accounts for different purposes. Now that I’m keeping up a blog through Blogger, I find it’s a little annoying not being able to retrieve my emails through one account, organize photos and blog through the others all at the same time.

Did a quick search today on Google and spotted various workarounds for it. Yes, workarounds as they weren’t really a solution that allows me to manage multiple Google accounts for different services all at the same time with one application. Creating multiple browser profiles or open up different browsers just isn’t satisfying. I finally found this Firefox add-on called “CookiePie” that does just what I wanted. Luckily, I happened to be a Firefox user!

What it does is to allow you to maintain different cookies storage through different Firefox tabs or windows at the same time! So, you can login one account under tab 1 and the other under tab 2. This doesn’t just work with Google, but also your other accounts from Yahoo!, Windows Live, or AOL. Just when I was going to download and install this baby, it says “Windows” and “Linux” Only…. Again, lack of support for Mac users. (I am one of the victims) Although some claim it works fine on their Macs, but it didn’t work for me. Not sure if it’s because I am running Firefox 3 as it doesn’t state on the website that this extension is Firefox 3 compatible, but no “incompatible” warning after I installed it though. Anyways, look forward to the newer version and the compatibility for the Mac.

For anyone doesn’t run a Mac or just wanna give it a try, get a piece of your pie Here